Our home in Pass Christian was built by Thornhill. We have always loved it and after Hurricane Zeta we love it all the more. So far we have only located one or two minor pieces of siding under the house that came lose during the storm and sailed away. That, my friends, is remarkable given the severity of the winds that impacted us. My husband and I highly recommend Thornhill Construction. Their work is not only beautiful but resilient as well.

Dianna Schott Carter

Jason and staff were amazing! As a first time builder, I was nervous but Thornhill made the entire process not only easy but enjoyable too. Definitely recommend Thornhill Construction if you are looking to build!!

Megan Olear Stumpf

Great customer service and work!!

Britney Sinclair

 Jason built our home in Waveland, he not only provided excellent quality & craftsmanship, but actually finished before the date originally promised and within budget!!! I have not and would not hesitate to recommend Jason to my family and friends.

Tom Arnold

Thornhill Construction built a beautiful, custom, well-constructed home on the beach for my family. The house turned out beautifully and we love everything about our home! It is a quality build, we are so happy with it!

Shannon Arch

Jason Thornhill repaired my home after Hurricane Zeta . We had extensive damage and we’re thrilled with the top quality work we received in a timely manner . Jason and Rich were both easy to reach . We couldn’t have been happier. I highly recommend working with Thornhill Construction ! Ann Heigle

Ann Heigle

Just wanted to give a big thanks to Jason and his crew for the outstanding job they did building our new home. When trying to decide on a builder last year, Jason took me to see numerous homes he’s built in the area and they all seemed to all have a unique Thornhill Construction coastal style that won me over. Not only the style, but the pure quality was more than impressive. During our build, Jason would answer any questions or address any changes made immediately with no hesitation and were great to work with.
The home has turned out better than expected and we’re super excited.
I highly recommend Thornhill Construction to anyone looking to have a custom home built.

Kevin Desselle

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Here at Thornhill Construction we have been in business for over 17 years and are proud to say that each of our clients in these 17 years have been highly satisfied with the work we did for them. In the following videos you will see why we are still in business today. Our phenomenal staff enjoys working with each of our clients. In the Bay St Louis area you can expect to find friendly smiles and to be treated as a neighbor by our team. At Thornhill Construction the team is ready and able to help each and every client who has chosen us to build their custom home with Bay St. Louis Mississippi Home Builders. Whether it is a small cottage or a grand modern build, our team is equipped from our sales members to our engineers with experienced professionals.

All of our clients from the start of our company to today are ready and willing to leave a testimonial for us. This is because we chose to go above and beyond for each client and continue to treat them as we would want to be treated. The homes that we build are made of the finest materials and we build these homes to last for generations. This is because our team understands how important it is to build for the long term. After the devastating effects of hurricane Katrina our goal has been and continues to be to ensure that the Bay St Louis area can withstand future natural disasters. The team understands that your house is your home and we strive to ensure each family can move into their dream home with confidence that it will last them for decades to come.

Thornhill Construction has pleased numerous families over the years with dream homes across the Bay St. Louis area. We are the most sought after Custom Home Builders Waveland. Our team is staffed with knowledgeable Bay St. Louis Mississippi Home Builders experts who are ready to go over and above for you, the client. In the testimonials you will hear exactly that, our clients chose us because they knew they could rely on the quality as well as the dependability our team offers in each of our construction projects. From the start it has been our intention to treat each client as a neighbor, because at the end of the day, you are our neighbor. Our company has been blessed to serve the Bay St. Louis area for the past two decades; we look forward to continuing to fulfill dreams with each home we build.

The testimonials are all on the spot and with real clients who have chosen Thornhill Construction to build their custom home. Each client you see has been more than willing to give feedback on their experience with our team. Our team is proud to be the highest reviewed Bay St. Louis Mississippi Home Builders. It is our goal that after listening to our previous clients you are confident you can put your trust in us too! We strive to go above and beyond for each family and to make the experience of home building enjoyable along the way. Whether you have already purchased land or are currently looking, if you are in the process of looking for a custom home builder then give our friendly staff a call at 228-424-7773. As always, continue to visit our website to learn more about our team and our process by visiting here at www.ThornhillConstruction.com.

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Thornhill Construction is built of a Bay St. Louis Mississippi Home Builders team where each staff member is dedicated to the client. Our staff understands how fortunate we are to be able to build in the beautiful Bay St Louis area for our friends and neighbors. Our clients young and old have been satisfied with the homes we built for them. Our testimonials are shot in person on site with our real clients. These clients kindly agreed to provide feedback on their experience building with Thornhill Construction. These clients are all folks just like yourself, they wanted to live in a home custom built with their design and style in mind. In each testimonial you will hear the reasons why Thornhill Construction was chosen to build their Custom Home Builders Waveland, it is our hope that one day you will be on this page as well. We are confident that we can offer a streamlined and efficient process as well as a beautiful end result when you choose us to build your home with.

The homes we continue to build are each unique and tailored to the Bay St. Louis Mississippi Home Builders clients’ lifestyle and design needs. These homes are built to last a lifetime and beyond. Our staff are equipped to answer all questions as well as help guide clients through the process of building a custom home. The testimonials we have are all genuine and contain honest feedback. Our happy clients can explain the care we provide in each project we work on. Simple and easy or large and detailed our team can handle all construction projects. Each and every client’s feedback is a testament to the quality of our work and of their interactions with our team. It is our goal that when you ask us to build your home we do not disappoint! Thornhill Construction has made clients dreams come true for the last two decades and we are committed to continuing on for the next decade as well!

This is because we have chosen each staff member based on their reliability and attention to detail. Each staff member on our team has been thoroughly vetted before joining the construction crew. We place a high value on training each member up to our standards and because of this we can say with confidence that each person working on the Thornhill Construction team from the top down is built of highly trained professionals. The last 17 years have been full of building Custom Home Builders Waveland for our clients and the recent years have not changed that. Our mission is still the same today, to build high quality homes that our clients will love. It is important to us that each member assisting with the building of your home is someone we have confidently placed there. Our testimonials validate why we place such a high value on who contributes to the building of your home.

Our clients have placed their trust in us to build their home and they are ready to share why in their Bay St. Louis Mississippi Home Builders testimonials. We can confidently share our clients feedback with future clients. We do not shy away from showing off our handiwork, the homes we have crafted are each a product we are proud of. These homes are built by hand with intention in every detail, our system is simple and streamlined to aid in each clients experience of Custom Home Builders Waveland. After watching the testimonials our phone lines are open to help you get started with your build. You can reach our team at 228-424-7773 and as always continue perusing www.ThornhillConstruction.com.