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Find Out Why Waveland Chooses Thornhill Construction!


Here at Thornhill Construction we strive to over deliver in the building of our homes as well as the communication between our team and you the client. It is our intention to make the home building process as seamless as possible. We want to ensure that each client’s experience is not stressful or full of bumps, this is why we go over and beyond to communicate details of the project with our clients. From the initial process of choosing a location and going over the build plan to breaking ground you will have routine updates from us as well as an open line of communication should any questions arise. Our excellent Homebuilders in Bay St. Louis New Home Construction communication between us and our clients is what has led to us being the top Custom Home Builders Waveland.

The team communicates with you the client throughout the entire process to ensure that there is no confusion or concern. We want to give you all the information you need to rest easy that the home of your dreams is being built to the exact specifications agreed upon at the start of the build. As the best Custom Home Builders Waveland we pride ourselves on the communication level between us and our clients. We are continually told from our previous and current clients how relieved they are that we are easy to access and give routine updates on the construction of their home. Our team understands that building a home is a huge process and can be stressful, this is why we aim to keep our clients informed throughout the entire process. A home is a major investment and a large purchase for many families, for some it is the biggest purchase they will make and this is why it is essential to update and inform clients of the stage their home is in.

Clients from all over are calling and asking to work with our team, it is because we are the Homebuilders in Bay St. Louis New Home Construction that cares. Our reputation exceeds the county lines and we received calls from all over. It is our aim to continue to build to perfection and make sure that each build is a successful one. Our team is easy to contact and quick to respond back if you choose to email in a form instead of texting or calling. This is why clients have named us their favorite choice for Custom Home Builders Waveland. From our concrete pourers to our engineers and the founders of our company, each person is committed to doing right by the client. We are confident you will enjoy building your custom home with Thornhill Construction.

The best way to get in contact with our team is by calling 228-424-7773. Our lines are open and our team is quick to answer any questions or give directions as needed. The team is knowledgeable as we have thoroughly trained each member to ensure our clients received the best service and most accurate information. Our phone is available to call during our business hours and we also have a form you can fill out online if you prefer to communicate through our form. It is on our website here at and we also have many other useful pages full of information you may be looking for as a future home buyer! Thank you for choosing Thornhill Construction, we are happy to assist our Homebuilders in Bay St. Louis New Home Construction clients in their custom home building experience.

Build Your Next Home With Us!


Thornhill Construction is a company built with integrity. Our chief focus is our clients, we aim to build custom homes that will stand the test of time as well as be visually appealing for our clients. A home purchase is a large purchase and building a home can come with Homebuilders in Bay St. Louis New Home Construction headaches. With Thornhill construction we strive to eliminate those headaches and ensure that the process is seamless and smooth. It is because of this commitment to excellence that clients have made us the top Custom Home Builders Waveland. Through the past two decades Thornhill Construction has served the Mississippi area and will continue to do so for years to come.

Our process is simple, this is because our seasoned team has streamlined each Homebuilders in Bay St. Louis New Home Construction step in constructing a home. Our team values the responsibility clients place with us to build their home. Custom built homes are beautiful as well as functional, this is because the home is tailor made to fit the lifestyle of the family who is going to be living in the home. The team here at Thornhill Construction aims to go over and beyond to ensure that each home is built to our high standards as well as to the satisfaction of our clients. Our clients are the ones who will be living in the homes and this is why our team strives to meet the expectations of our clients. Homeowners have a lot on their plate and our goal is to take the stress of home building off your shoulders and into ours.

Custom Home Builders Waveland is what our clients are looking for when they start their custom home building journey. Each home that we build is custom fit and tailored to suit the needs of our clients. Each family is different in how many rooms, where the kitchen is, two car or three car garage. All of the details of a home building experience are important because they each affect the day to day life of the families that live in them. Our team understands this and the past two decades have become seasoned in the home building process.

Continue checking out our website to experience more information on the home building process. We have filled our website with useful information to make sure we keep you informed about the Homebuilders in Bay St. Louis New Home Construction experience. Thornhill Construction has a reputation of being the most responsive and quick to please Custom Home Builders Waveland Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that we have communicated every step of the process and therefore avoid any frustration on our clients end. Home building is what we are known for and do best, let us build your home! We aim to please and only build to the highest standards. We ensure that each home is built strong as well as aesthetically pleasing to our client. We communicate through each stage of the build process to ensure you stay up to date and in the know about your home. A home built well is a home that will last for generations in a family. We understand the importance of building well and this is why our team is thoroughly trained and we have seasoned members ensuring the quality of your home is up to par. Our team is ready to take your call at 228-424-7773. We have staffed our lines and trained our team members in all things home building. You will be pleased with our speedy responses!