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We purchased property in Waveland, Mississippi about 10 years ago. We watched as neighborhoods slowly began to develop around us. There were on only a few contractors that seemed to have all the notable projects and repeat business.

Thornhill Construction always had the unique houses with a certain flair. I did a little weekend trespassing and learned a great deal of what was right and what was wrong in coastline construction and contractors.

The quality of the foundation is the first consideration. Thornhill also operates Coastal Concrete Foundations. They perfected the foundation process so much, that many other builders will just subcontract the foundation to CCF/Thornhill. When their “Competition” surrenders the point, you’ve found the right foundation guy.

Next you’ll want to look at the framing. Quality materials, always erring on the side of overkill and meeting or exceeding all the hurricane wind codes. Straps, hangers, union plates…all fully nailed in properly. Those straps and hangers are engineered with a certain number of fastener holes for a reason. When you see a builder skipping ever other nail, you’ll know they are looking for speed and budget. When you watch the Thornhill crews literally measuring twice and cutting once, then truly building to engineering specs you’ll get a peace of mind you can’t get from the guys who are building to bid the lowest square foot price.

The details on the exterior and the interior can be as elaborate as you desire. This is where you can really blow up your budget to whatever your tastes are, or simplify to stay in bounds of your finances. But every one of the Thornhill homes I’ve explored has the same superior foundation and framing for the best chance to endure weather conditions on the Gulf coast.

When you’re building a custom home there’s always second guessing and a little bit of evolution in your plans. Each time we made a different choice, Jason would personally listen to what we wanted and find a way to make it happen.

Jason Thornhill lives in Hancock County. He is available 7 days a week. You will see him at the lunch spots, Walmart and Lowes. He’s around the area and treats Hancock as his home territory. You won’t have to track him down, odds are he’s in his truck 10 minutes away and willing to “swing by and have a look” every time you call him. We liked his product so much, we’ve already signed up for another one.


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