Coastal Style

Here are the houses we specialize in…

Classic Coastal Cottage

We have built dozens of classic coastal cottages in all the towns along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.. A coastal cottage typically differs from a standard cottage because it’s on a requirement for a raised foundation. A “Classic Coastal Cottage” features extensive outdoor living spaces such as large front porch, outdoor fireplace, daybed swings. Coastal Cottages are generally raised from 2’ feet to sometimes as much as 20’ feet above the ground. These homes often are located in building zones that will require a special approval from an architectural review board to ensure they fit into the restrictions set out in attempting to preserve the historic nature of the areas they are built in. (Link BSL Historical Preservation & Pass Christian Smart Code). Thornhill Construction has presented and guided several projects from concept to completion through several of these review boards along with being recognized for building true to the time period and helping to maintain the spirit of the Old Town Bay St. Louis cottages. During this period of time many of the homes were built with what the locals called “ barge board” walls and floors. This was certainly before our time, but I’ve been told stories of some of the old timers we have worked for on these classic home restorations, that the residents would often find barges with large wooden deck surfaces pulled up on the waterfront along the Bay, and would even sometimes help themselves to some of that deck lumber. Many of the historic restorations that we have been a part of have revealed these old boards in the walls, ceilings and floors.

Another typical feature of the “Classic Cottage is the use of operable shutters on as many of the doors and windows as possible. These shutters offer a traditional look to these homes as well as giving a great layer of protection to doors and windows in the time of tropical storms. The more traditional cottages also incorporated the use of beadboard lumber on the porches and ceilings throughout the home, this was certainly used in the older homes for its cost value over any available products of that time. We still accent many of these newly built homes with beadboard, but it is definitely treated as an upgrade items now.

Modern Home

Modern home construction would exemplify minimalist construction. These homes feature clean sleek lines and large open spaces with use of more industrial type finishes.The color selections on this type of build is often simple and sleek, often white with white trim. Owners of modern design homes often have a unique characteristic that they plan to feature, maybe it’s an amazing waterfront view, or a perfect sunset angle; they always have something that separates them. The choices of building materials often incorporate things like metals, exposed fasteners, hidden roof lines. There aren’t as many truly modern homes in our market, so we are excited to see the trend beginning to move slightly in that direction. We believe the coast has room for almost every type of build.

Weekend Getaway

Situated on the bays, canals and rivers, like along the Jordan River. Quick and easy access to outdoor living, and our favorite beaches and fishing spots in the Biloxi Marsh for the best inshore fishing in the world. Most of these custom homes feature pools and outdoor gathering space like kitchens, poolside bars and tanning ledges. Bulkhead, gazebos, boat houses are often a big part of a weekend getaway home. Thornhill Construction offers complete design service of all these aspects of the project and can coordinate and manage the build of every single one of these features for your perfect getaway home. Many of these dream weekend homes are built and designed to maximize sleeping spaces perfect for large groups, airbnb, VRBO, etc. The entire coast is quickly becoming a destination for short weekend trips making the demand for new construction builds that maximize the ability to accommodate multiple demands a must. Thornhill Construction’s team has the experience to turn your property into a money making investment if you are interested in the weekly rental opportunity on the coast.