Here at Thornhill Construction, we are always finding ways to be unique. We are very intentional with everything we do. Our Custom Home Builders Waveland team is excited to work with you! We don’t believe in houses, we believe in homes. We have the experience to confidently tell you we know how to help you achieve your goals. We have in-house design product selection coordinators who will assist you in selecting all of the items and products that make your house a home. We very a full-service design firm that offers the ability to hear from the early stages to the finishing line.

We don’t just believe in ourselves here on the Custom Home Builders Waveland team, believe in you. We want to help you build a house that you can make a home for years to come. We can show you 3-D renderings, supposes on the products you want. We believe in what we do, no one is doing what we are doing. So if you need renovation or some sort of construction done we are here to help. We are just willing to help with parts of the process we want to help you from start to finish. Allow us to help you achieve all of your goals and dreams.

Here on the Custom Home Builders Waveland team, we’re constantly working to create a better and more effective process. We are a dynamic group with the success you are looking for in your home buying/building experience. We offer the latest technology available and we are willing to do all the work so you can relax and enjoy the process. We are, in our team’s ability to help you achieve your dream house. But again, we don’t want you to live in a house, we want to help you make a home.

We are very excited to work with you, we always like to put our clients first. You will be our main priority. We are excited to be a will offer all that we do. Whether we are going modern house like the beehive house, the wave and beachfront, a classic cottage, or a fisherman stream camp in the Jordan River whatever your dream may be we will make it come true. You can call us today because the coast is indeed calling. To wait any longer to achieve your dreams and goals which make them happen today. With us doing full-service business for you, we are confident we can make all of the dreams you provide.

We make it very easy to contact us, we are all about you. You can contact us by giving us a phone call at 228-424-7773, visiting our website at, or by clicking the contact us button in blue with white writing at the top header of our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we can’t wait to make your dream house a dream home. Don’t wait any longer to be living in paradise. You can start today!

Custom Home Builders Waveland

We are very confident in our team. We know that their success is attributed to how hard they work. Our team is confident that they can help you achieve your dream house today with in-house 3D design and full-service we know we can take care of you. If you are looking for a Custom Home Builders Waveland team you can trust in, we can help! We know trust is earned and not given, that’s why we are willing to earn your trust. We know you will be happy with the results here. We are looking forward to working with you.

If you are looking for a team that is willing to go above and beyond for you or if you are looking for a team that is willng to do things no one else is doing, look no further. We are happy to help. Let us take care of you. We want to take your dream house and help you make it a dream home. Our Custom Home Builders Waveland team is ready to take you to the next level of home building. We don’t want to just say this. We mean it. You can check out our testimonies page today to learn more.

Our Custom Home Builders Waveland team is willing to do things you’ve never seen. We truly believe in our team. We truly believe in your success. We want to see you succeed as much as we succeed. If you fail, we fail. We don’t want to move along without you. We want to see you get a dream home you won’t ever want to leave. We want you to have a safe place you love, that you know you can raise a family in, or rais a few dogs in. Don’t look any further than Thornhill Construction, when you are ready to take your home buying to the next level!

What do we mean by next level? Can anyone buy a house? We can all buy a house. Most of us will have lived in multiple houses by the time we are ready to buy one. We know our team has moved to many different houses and experienced many different things in their lives but that diversity brings them together to better assist you. We know that anyone can buy a house, but not everyone can buy a home. We are in the business of building homes. We want you to live somewhere comfortable, in a home that you love.

If you are ready to take the next step in your home buying, we want to hear from you today! We make it easy for you to contact us. You have a few easy options.
You can give us a call at 228-424-7773, you can visit our website at, or you can simply contact us through our contact us button located at the top of the website header. We want to hear from you today. We are ready to bring you to the next level of home buying. You deserve a home you love!