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With our custom home builders bay st louis Mississippicompany we are able to provide you with a 90-day faster breaking ground guarantee that is going to make sure that Thornhill Construction gets to work on your project. you are all going to be confident that the homes that we construct are going to withstand the test of time in any weather that comes through. This is because we construct them using a 2-inch by 6 in exterior wall as well as a minimum of a 5/8-inch roof deck. you are not going to find this at many other Home Building companies.

Speaking of roof options, the Thornhill construction provides a synthetic membrane at a minimum to cover any roof structure that we build. You also see that many of the homes that we create will have a metal roof that is upgraded with a capitalistic underlayment of a roof covering. That is because we want to protect your home from moisture with an actual Tyvek brand house wrap. when it comes to your door and windows, just so that they are always going to be professionally installed as well as properly flashed.

If you have any more questions regarding our process, then be sure to reach out to the representatives at Thornhill Construction today. To get a hold of them, I have to dial a number 228-424-7773 and they will be available to you as soon as you dial the number. to find out more about the construction and designs that we have available, be sure to go online to our website which can be found at and while you’re there check out all the ways that our company is going to be so much better than any other home builder.

Custom Home Builders Bay St Louis Mississippi | We Excel With Our Designs

get started with our custom home builders bay st louis Mississippi company today here at Thornhill Construction and we know that you are going to appreciate everything that we can do for you. Our focus is so much different than any other home builder company because we believe in providing you with a new Coastal raised home. you’re not going to be just another number with our company, and you are not going to find a mass-produced track home here. This is because we believe in a one-of-a-kind owner-inspired project that is going to elevate their Love and Desire for their home.

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